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To Whom It May Concern:

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I am writing this as a message to those of you who tune in every once in a blue moon. It’s been over 2 months since my last post.

In spite of recent news stories you may have seen online, there is absolutely nothing that will happen over here. After much reassurance by a close friend of mine who is much more well intuned with politics, news, life happenings, the chance of a war is ‘impossible.’

The recent news from CNN encouraging foreigners to leave South Korea by Wednesday is basically to scare the shit (which it did for -.3 seconds) out of us. There are sooo many foreigners (not sure the exact head count), but theres tousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands serving in the military. I can safely say that nothing will happen. I have a few friends in the military, co-workers with boyfriends in the Korean and US army, and other close friends that know much more aobut what is going on than I.

In other news, I meant to write a post about my new life, which feels like in a new country, with new people, new job, and new everything. It makes me very happy to see the brighter side of Korea, and look forward to coming to work each day. I love my job, and I have found a new love and appreciation for this country.

WIll write more soon.

Much love xoxox Miss and love you all


one of my appearances :)

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check this out….
yay! Haha This was published in September, but finally found it online.

Olympics from Korea

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Well I know that this is not a bit outdated seeing as the supposed amazing Olympic closing ceremony was days ago… I wanted to say a lil about the perspective of watching Olympics from a foreign country, South Korea.

I have never watched so much archery, badmitton, fencing, and judo in my life. I have also never seen so much rivalry against Japan either, pretty amusing. We watched a big judo match versus Japan on the way to Jeju during my summer vacation and the tour guide of our trip was cheering with joy when Japan lost. Yes, our tour bus had a tv and norebang (karaoke).

I couldn’t escape it the Korean sports. If a Korean was competeing, it was on, otherwise, sol. I did get to watch some gymnastics with the hula hoop, and a little bit of track and field one night at the gym.  I did get to see Bolt set his record, but other than that, I was a bit deprived of my usual Olympic favorites; beach volleyball, swimming, normal gymnastics.

I was living in Australia during the Winter Olympics in Vancounver and did not really occur to me that I would be in a non English speaking country next time the Olympics came around. I guess one of those things you kind of take for granted before moving abroad.

All in all, I am well rounded in my Olympic sports now. Never actually seen badmitton, judo, fencing, or archery for that matter. Not sure if I will ever again by choice.

Ohhh Korea, thank you again for the free entertainment. Like the crazy lady that screamed at the top of her lungs and her husband in the mall on Wednesday afternoon, whilst holding their baby. The sound was comparable to scratching long nails on a chalk board, made many heads turn. Free entertainment at its finest.

Hot and humid here, again. Almost hit 6 months. Can you believe it, I can’t ?!


Love always



“Love many, trust few, but always paddle your own canoe ” ❤

Teachers Summer Vacation in Korea

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As most teachers are used to, receiving the nice three months of vacation… here in South Korea it is a bit different. I get a whopping 5 days. Lucky Me!! I cannot wait… actually I can. It’s probably going to go so fast and then bam back to reality, till I figure something else out…

This summer I will be traveling to Jeju Island, South Korea. It is probably the top vacation destination for summer vacation which usually falls somewhere in August for most people. According to a majority of my students, they will also be going to Jeju Island. It is a volcanic island and also containts the highest mountain in South Korea. It’s filled with lots to do and see all around the island so our itinerary is jam-packed with sights and tours of the area. Yes, I said it, itinerary. I am indeed going on a group tour through Adventure Korea. Lucky me.
I am usually so against said ‘group tours’ and trust me, nothing has persuaded me otherwise. We paid a reasonable about for a 5-day trip via ferry (which I have been highly recommended to do) and tons to see and do.
I think that Korea is not the easiest place to see and do in a short amount of time and wanted to make the most of my 5 days off from this j-o-b. Will be heading there from Saturday- Wednesday. Then going to UMF Korea on Friday and Saturday.
Should be a good week all in all. I am excited. Hopefully the whole group trip doesn’t fail me, and the weather. It is also rainy season. Pray for the best plan for the worst. Will be over-packing in case of being drenched at any moment of the day.

In other news, been quite happy to be away from the land of guns lately. America is really firing up at each other. It is nuts. Read briefly about the Chick-fil-a scandal, come on now how ridiculous. Joe Pa and all that mess (EW), and of course the Colorado shooting. People are disturbing, especially in America. I guess each part of the world has it’s own problems in one way or another.

School is same ole same. Had a Pajama Party last friday which I got to work a lovely 13 hour day. How exciting. The students came back around 6pm after leaving for an hour or so, but most of them ended up staying. We had a pretty terrible chicken bbq dinner (processed chicken on a stick frozen and cooked on a pan, do not be fooled), and some fruits and other random sides. Then we had a fashion show where everyone walked this little cat walk and then we had a big pillow fight. I have seemed to master the ‘look bored to tears look’ and for the past two after hours events we have had at school they let me go like 30-45 minutes early. Woot. It is quite painful actually, and cannot stand the idea of working another weekend day at this dreaded place of work. I signed up for it across the world, so I will somehow manage to get myself out of it, hopefully….

Other than that not much is really new here. Have a few days off in the beginning of October so trying to decide where to go… If I can even think of affording something. Stupid bills/loans.

I have continued my white rice ban, except a few kimchi jjigae feedings that have definitely not been as frequent.

Attended two weekends in a row at mud festival in Boryeong at Daechon Beach. What a beautiful place. It was definitely built up everywhere around for the foreign attraction for the two weeks the event ran. It was definitely a good time. The first weekend we had a bit of rain on Saturday night that made for an interesting time, drunk walking around trying to find shelter. Then the next day we were blessed with some sunshine at the beach and most mud and beers.
The second weekend was steaming hot Saturday and Sunday without a speck of rain. Got to enjoy the mud and soju yet again, and see a little Akon and Wondergirls at Green Groove Festival near the beach on Saturday night. Good times all in all and would definitely recommend the events to anyone near Korea at that time.

I will sign off for now, this is a bit of a bore, I am sorry. It is hard to update with photos whilst at school, but one of these days. I promise. Love to all my 2 readers out there… or no one it seems since I never get any love/ comments on here :/