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Dinner and a show…

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Last night, was an usual night. I say this because most week nights are pretty tame. And it was until about the last hour or two of my evening.
Had the usual yoga after school, met a friend for dinner, and she introduced me to pig feet. Since we both live near Cheonho, she told me that there is a famous street with this delicacy. So we ventured over to see..
There is an alley plentiful of pig feet restaurants. Yum! I was unsure about this meal, but was willing to give it a try. Besides, I told her I wanted to try something new, so it was too late to back out now. I was quite hungry by this point nearly 10pm so wasn’t sure if it even mattered if I liked it, I was most likely going to eat it.

I have tried all sorts of strange Korean food thus far, and there is not anything I do not like, yet.
I’ll add this to my list of amazing Korean foods, and cross it off my bucket list. Check and Check.