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“Love many, trust few, but always paddle your own canoe”



So somehow, one way or another, you came across this blog. Lucky you… It is a bit dull. Just more of an update for friends and family at home.

I have a lengthy bucket list. I have been to 16 countries. 18 Countries: just added Japan and Philippines to the list.   Trying to hit 30, by 30. We shall see where the wind takes me in the next 5 years.

I love food, Asian food, Korean food (surprised myself there), and even Kimchi. I love the beach. I love the summer. I love the little munchkins I teach. I love living in new places. I love moving. I love some things about home. I miss my friends and family.

I am currently teaching English in Seoul, South Korea. That’s where the wind has blown me this time. Now that I love it here, I am not sure when I will be done my stint in Korea. Hoping to make this blog more exciting.

Anything else, just ask. Oh and comment. There’s not many readers of this thing yet, so do iiitttt.

Love you all xxoo


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  1. teacherdreamertravelerandbeliever

    how do I get in on the KTO free stuff thing? xx


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