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Well Well… I guess we could say that I’ve been well… busy.
Since the move, into ‘Korea’ haha in March, things have taken a huge turn… for the better! Wahoo!

I basically feel like I moved into a new country. New school. New friends. New beginnings.
It has been an unbelievable ride from the day I left Haba Hell. I cannot believe that my experience in Korea has changed so drastically. I have partied harder than I did in University, and worked a lot less than I did last year… and by that I mean I haven’t worked a Saturday. And work 6 less hours a week. That is a pretty biggg deal considering the hell I put up with last year.

Anywhoozle, what prompted this random update was a conversation with Christina, a good friend at home whom I’ve known since.. like 8th grade. She recommended that I keep a diary and that she regretted not doing so when she traveled. I know I know she is the 101st person to tell me that I think. I keep a little hand written diary of my daily events cause well incase I need to refer back to my super awesome life happenings… HA!

I think that the main reason why I find it so hard to write to myself, to leave for later reading.. is because I feel like everytime I go back and read something that I have written, I sound like such a bimbo and get so uninterested I just stop reading. I know give it 10 years or so and read the shit that I got myself into now, I’m sure will last a century of laughs.

Since April I cannot really sum up what I’ve been doing. I can target some things though.
Fortunately, my crazy awesome family decided to take the Davis family vacation of the decade… and come to visit. We spent one week in Seoul together, and another week in Bangkok and Railay Beach. It was incredible. They are awesome. I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. I love them more and miss them more than I ever have before. It was out of this world.

Aside from the monsoons that we dealt with and a little food sickness here and there, all in all was the best time I could have ever asked for and I’m sure they would say the same.

I went to World DJ Festival again, was on the bucket list from last year. Also UMF, was incredible and loved it, but missed my sidekick, Lauren, from last year….

I have been saying there are so many things I ‘need/want’ to accomplish in Korea/Seoul before I leave. I will do them. Along with saving monies for the big post work trip. We will see how it all pans out. For now I hope to:
go to the DMZ
do a temple stay
ride by bike
run a 5k (I know, I’m crazy)

I feel like there is just so much I need to write about, I don’t know where to start.

Korea is amazing. I have enjoyed my time here to no end. I think though, for my sake, there are reasons I came, and they have been fulfilled. I came to Korea to step outside of my comfort zone, and dive into something completely unknown. That was accomplished by hoping on the plane and landing here, in one piece. Maybe the first year wasn’t the best experience, but I can honestly say looking back, I am thankful that I toughed it out. And I knew that each day I was ready to run home pack my bags and board the next flight out of Seoul, that I would regret ‘giving up.’ I tell my story randomly to people that are friends, wanting to come to Korea, etc. and they cannot believe that I put up with the bullshit for an entire year. Me either, really. I guess it was the light (money) at the end of the tunnel that I was waiting for. It was worth it. I have enjoyed my second year here much much more, but I find myself feeling way too comfortable. I have a good group of friends. A stable job that I enjoy coming to each day (I don’t know if I’ve ever been so confident to admit that in the past), and I am happy on a day-to-day basis with where I am at. I meet people that have been here for many years, and are little sucked in and find it hard to leave. I know that my time is up here. I am wayyy too comfortable and ready to step outside of my comfort zone again.

I know I am young, so that is the point, for me. I know I should go back to school, get a degree, but what’s another piece of paper and another fat stack of loans under my name. I am not completely convinced that is what I am ready for…. yet. Some days I go to bed thinking about moving home and establishing myself, and 99% of the time, I remind myself what it is like and realize how much I regretted that when I stayed home for 7 months. Everyone is off doing their own thing, established, and settled. And if they aren’t quite there yet, they’re living in a lull just as I left it almost 2 years ago. It feels like I just put everything on hold and will be back soon. I do miss home. Recently more than ever. I know my mom misses me, and I want to be back to make her happy. But she knows that is not for me and now that we have come to that agreement, we can both happily live in our separate continents and communicate via internets and stuffs.

Speaking of, I lost my phone. It has made the past few weeks living abroad maybe put the homesickness thing a little more in my head. It isn’t always easy to access wifi, or ask a friend to turn on a hotspot without feeling embarassed. I am not 100% sure how it was lost, but I am almost positive that it was taken from my bag.

All in all, this is my catch up for now on my super short breaks at work.
Life is grand. 26 and counting.

Lots of love.

“Love many, trust few, but always paddle your own canoe”


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  1. Love you ❤

  2. Oscar Wilde has a quote: “I always have my diary. I find that one needs something sensational to read on the train.” I don’t think that your ramblings are silly, because I can hear you talking to me. Miss you, and glad that you’re out of Haba Hell 🙂


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