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February 1st….

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Today is the first of February, just in case you didn’t know…
Korea is still Korea, crazy, beautiful, and weird all in the same exhale. I cannot quite explain this weird conglomeration of feelings, but it happens, every day, hour, minute of my life here.

Today is also Friday. Thank God! It has been a long week, sandwiched between two awesome weekends, or so I hope.

Last weekend, spent with Seoul Hiking Group, traveling North Eastward to Taebaksan. This san, or mountain, is also home to a few of the future 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics going to take place here in Korea. Lucky us! We left early early Saturday morning to go to the infamous Snow Festival in Taebaksan which was pretty fun. On the way up they told us at the top of the mountain (of the hike we opted out of), was going to be -40 with wind chill. Oh Joy! I love cold, and just when you didn’t think it could get colder, it did… Gotta love freezing, drinking, sledding, and having an awesome time. There were ton of snow sculptures, Psy, Shrek, Smurf house, Hello Kitty, to name a few. We took part in some alcoholic consumption to warm the freezing toes, and went sledding. It was more of an icy hill, but still amazing after I experienced my first bail out on the way down, I managed to stay upright and cheerful on the new few rounds. Go me!

We went to some rock museum to defrost, took touristy photos with some snow sculptures, and got interviewed by some stalkerish camera man (usual thing to experience on a day out in Korea).

Went back to the pension, which was conveniently located on the resort. We got to eat dinner and watch some night skiers fly down the mountain.

Off to teach my only class of the day, with a 2 minutes notice of course. JOY!


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