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There is some significance of posting this blog, which may be boring to some, but I hope informative to most. There is a huge mall, supposedly twice the size of Mall of America, located just a short ride from my house, in Songpa-gu and Jangi Station. This place is called Garden 5. Approximately 8 months after living in this ‘gu’ or district whatever you want to call it, I went with my school on a field trip to see Cats. It was in the movie theatre located on the 12th floor of the Garden5 Living Tower.

This place has everything you can imagine and more. Comparing it to it’s close neighbor, Coex mall, this place blows it out of the water.

There are 5 towers (hence the Garden 5 name) and they are all connected. It is tough to get a view of this. but it is basically a big star shape and up top they are all connected to walk from each tower. There is living, fashion, young, techno, and one more I cannot recall the name of.

They have a website, but the English part doesn’t work. Story of our lives in Korea.

We went primarily to go ice skating, but also hit up this amazing sale at a department store and scored a new winter coat after fatally losing mine NYE in Hongdae.

Here are some photos from our trip.


Father and son duo waiting to get back on the ice.


Being tourists that we are. Helmets and all. We also got in trouble by the ice police to put our gloves back on.


Girl brushing some ice and snow off her friends bum, busted!


Next Kim Yuna’s sporting matching jackets.


Not only couples wear matching clothes in Korea, brother sister striped duo hand in hand. Precious.


As we left at night it was all lit up in flashy colors. Really pretty.

20130121-123318.jpg Mom helping her daughter knee pads check, elbow pads check.

Garden 5 is located at Jangi Station on line 8, or the pink line. Garden 5 can be accessed from exit 3 and 4.

Garden 5 has a huge food court with western, japanese, chinese, korean, etc. There are many restaurants, shops, empty shops waiting to be filled. This place took over $1 billion to build and was originally supposed to open in 2008, but the opening got delayed 3 times due to lack of interest, shops, etc. I think it has potential as Coex, the next closest ‘mall’ type place, is always packed and has a fraction of the stores as Garden 5.


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