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It’s getting brr cold over here

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Henry sporting my new scarf. He’s a brat, but a smart one.


One of my favorite/weirdest Korean snacks. This is a snack. The top slivers are chicken liver, and the bottom is Soondae. Let me refer my friend googs for a better definition than I can give.

Blood Sausage, a nice blog write up. But for my lazy fans: ‘Soondae can be made with squid and other protein-rich ingredients, but in its most popular form, it’s made by mixing pork blood with cellophane noodles and glutinous rice. (Barley, fermented soybean paste, kimchi, soybean sprouts, and perilla leaves crop up in regional variations of the sausage too.) The mixture makes for a dense, slightly gummy body. If you like chewy, mochi-textured things and blood, then you’ll probably like soondae.’

Here’s a recipe to create your own.


This is basic Korean BBQ. And by basic, I mean the most elaborate, simple (yes all at once), meal ever created by god. I will try and name things starting from the rice going clockwise.

Rice. Typical rice serving dish kept in a warmer, mass produced.

Metal water glass, would you like a sip of water? and refill. Repeat 234234x.

Doengang Jjigae.


Complete with a recipe, comfort food with tofu.

Next metal bowl is bean sprouts in a kimchi like spicey mixture. Amazing. More like a filler in the lettuce leaf for the bbq.

At 1 o’clock is a plate of raw beef. Sometimes marinated, sometimes not. Usually various cuts of pork or beef. I prefer galbisal. I have no idea what it is… It is beef ribs, but boneless amazing. That is also what is cooking on the center of the photo. Just a little cook on each sides and bam it’s done. Amazing. Stuff it in a lettuce leaf with some fillers, roasted garlic, roasted kimchi (or not roasted), sprouts, anything else you can find on the table and fit in basically, sometimes rice.

The last dish is the one at 6 o’clock is an onion and vinegary type sauce that they serve to dip the meat in. Also there is a salt/vinegar/soy like dish that also serve. It’s all incredible.

If you were ever debating about trying out Korean bbq before reading this post and I have not convinced you yet, here is my last try: Raw meat, an open fire grill, and you are in complete control how to eat it. You are however not in control of how big and stuff full your lettuce leaf packed with deliciousness is about to fit and shove nicely (only in public) in your lil’ mouf. Just do it. Embrace it. And start with Kimchi lightly, but eat it at every meal and you will soon adjust.


In other news, I was graced with my second Thanksgiving dinner. The first one wasn’t even picture worthy (you know I take pictures of everything  I can fit into my mouth, that’s how bad it was). It was ice cold, we ate it outside in the ice cold, meanwhile we were on an island and I cannot complain. This however was warm, fresh out of the oven, cooked and slaved over for days, it was incredible. Here is the vat of gravy.


This was another table full of just sides, and some ham, tofurkey (actually quite tasty), 4 variations of potatoes, etc. It was incredible. Well done ladies.


This was a show called Ingakyo, on SBS. We were invited thanks to K-performance supporters, part of the Korean Tourism Organization. It was supposed to be a live recording, but each group came out for about 45 seconds performed and was all pre-recorded. Was funny to be the ‘live audience’ and pre recorded acts.



Korea in the fall. These humongous leaves were falling on me as I rode my bike to school, it was hard to capture while riding and on my phone, but this is still pretty.


Delivery man. I’ve been meaning to capture this part of the culture. You can get anything delivered, any time of the day, basically. McDonald’s, Korean Food, Chinese Food, anything you could hope and dream of. Food related. I like the little back part of the bike with the crate strapped to it and the hand  guards for the cold/rain/etc.


Back to Western food. I made some southwest steak chili, recipe is a secret. Or just a hodge podge of stuff I threw together and turned out amazingly. Also a blackened chicken onion cheesy quesadilla. Watermelon, salsa, guac, and chippies. Yum. Floor table dinner with some friends. I love cooking. Especially when I have other mouths to feed except my own.


Bubbly egg dish often served with Korean bbq as service (free for being a regular, or ordering a bunch of food) or you can order for $2-5. Just bubbly egg with some chopped carrots and scallions on top. Quite tasty.

That will finish this food post, Corinne, this is for you most importantly. I love you all my 3 readers. Lately been receiving updates that I have a few more followers, but no one will ever know until I  get some comment support 😉

Thanks ya’ll. until Next time…

P.S. 12 days til Philippinessss…. Basking in the hot summer sun rays, swimming with the fishies, and overdosing on Mango shakes, mango everything. South East Asia I’m coming back for you 🙂


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