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Well if you are home you may not know this, but I’m not the only blogger. Just read a stat that one in every 4 foreigners is blogging in Korea.
Go figure. What else do you do with your desk-warming time at school? Beats me.
Some friends watch movies, surf internet, I get scowled enough for just sitting here, so I stick to non-facebook, movie watching ‘trying to look busy’ internet activities. Such as googling every random thing I could possibly think of, reddit, reddit, more reddit, applying for new jobs (only recently), and reading other blogs. Most of the other blogs I read are about food, korean food, western food finds in Korea, anything and everything in Korea.

I had stumbled upon this blog before, but this is a good one to share with everyone.
Without further adue, here it is;

This is a good comic blogger that makes comics about situation in Korea. I’m not nearly clever enough for that, but someone had to think of it.
Pretty enjoyable and self explanatory.

Happy Friday

Love always

P.S. First interview for new job next week! Super duper exciteddddd 🙂












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  1. teacherdreamertravelerandbeliever

    love the cartoon thing! Totally re blogging! So glad I got back into it

  2. loved the picture in the article. I found the writing a tad…. KOREAN!!!! Love You!
    Auntie G


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