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This scene may look familiar to some of you, Thursday Party, at the beer pong table in Busan.

My friend Chelsea and I took a trip on the KTX (the speed train) to the Eastern Coast of Korea, Busan. It was beautiful, I fell in love. Immediately. I would not love anything better than to spend my days after school and weekends on the beach, summer or winter. It is still the second largest city in Korea, but there is a beach. So without the concrete jungle feel of Seoul, bit more spread out, bit more friendlier.

The speed train cost us 67,000 won round trip, definitely thanks to being a foreigner, it would normally cost 60,000 each way! It wasn’t a bad deal. We left friday night, and two and a half hours later landed in lovely Busan. Thanks to Chelsea we were arranged to stay with a couchsurfer that she contacted. He lived near Nampo-dong, which was close to a Japanese district, and many happening places. It was beautiful. I loved every second of it. And I will try to work there next year, if not visit way more often.

We went down to catch the last shows of the 19th Annual Busan International Film Festival. We ended up seeing one movie, an Indian film about 4 hours long, but was a really good film. The name of the film, I believe was Alfi. It was beautiful movie and highly recommend it to anyone into that sort of thing.

We ventured around two different beaches, and got to enjoy the highlights of Busan. Sashimi, the jagalchi fish market, which also had a festival going on while we were there, and the friendliest cab drivers in Korea to date. Spoiled ourselves with some western food, delicious breakfasts, among other treats. We deserved it.






The delicious breakfast we had the first morning. Camembert and Honey panini. Heavenly.



Chelsea and her Pororo Balloon. What a kid!


The cutest, ugliest dog seen in Korea. It was wearing a tutu, had dyed pink hair around it’s mouth, feet, ears. This is completely normal in Korea, which is the scariest part about it. Shirt and skirt attire is not unusual.


The KTX train on the way home, what a glorious thing. We had to book into sitting in the movie car, for 7,000 extra because they were the only seats we could get, it was great.


From the Jagalchi Market Pier.


Gwangli Beach. My favorite. So beautiful and serene.



That is Busan, hope to see it again sooner than later. ❤


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