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Recent Eats. Future Trips. and Past Thoughts.

By popular demand ( Corinne), I have had my first post request. I am a serious dork when it comes to this blog, or at least I do it opposed to the other ones I severly neglected. But hey, I was basking in the rays of thai and australian beaches, farrrr too busy to update a damn blog those years. This concerete jungle and school I call my ‘work’ gives me plenty of time to tap into the world of blogisphere. Lucky me, and you!

Haha okay enough with the corniness, but here are some pictures and descriptions of recent eats:


This is some treat I bought at the grocery store. Reminds me of dunkaroos a bit. But not as good. The sticks are more like bland sesame sticks. and the sprinkles are just weird flakes of flavorless sugar. Either way, it satisfied the sweet tooth for the moment.


PATBINGSUUUU. Ah this stuff is simply amazing, and as big as it looks. From the bottom it is a wine sauce (we got wine and cheese flavored) with frozen berries, red bean sauce and chunks. Shaved Ice. The more red bean, wine sauce, frozen berries and a scoop of some delicious vanilla ice cream. It is definitely a signature treat in Korea. I used to steer very clear from the red bean stuff, but I can tolerate it when it’s covered in ice, ice cream and berries. Cafe Bene definitely has the best, I’ll have to try to green tea flavor next, as I have become obsessed…


Kimchi Mandu. Dumplings. Filled with pork, clear noodles, kimchi, dipping sauce of a sweet soy with onions. Need I say more. Again, I will be back for this again 🙂


Just some cool display of dried foods and random weirdness on the streets of Insadong. Anguk Station.


I think this gives a various description of random Korean foods. I can say I have had just about everything. The spelling maybe a bit off for some. But my favorite will be kalbi or Galbi, beef on the barbeque.

Soju, the world famous, top selling alcohol coming from the one and only, South Korea. $1 a bottle will have me on my ass in no time. Can’t complain.

Kimbap, Sushi like rice roll. Minus the fish. Full of vegetables that vary, some yellow radish, rice, spinach, carrot, spam, egg chunk, and my favorite addition is tuna, like tuna salad. I used to live off this when I first arrived and kind of avoid is now since I’m trying to be off white rice these days, but once in awhile have to satisfy that craving 🙂 Oh god all my secrets are really coming out now 🙂

Pajeon: a pancake like sorts. They call it Korean pancake, but more like a flatter omlet type. Egg and some sort of vegetables. Kimchijeon is my favorite. Kimchi pancake. But the traditional Pajeon has seafood in it. Most popular as a drunk snack, but could eat it any time of day/year. Really easy to make I am sure, so I will try that soon.

Mandoo= dumplings.

Samgyupsal = Korean bacon. Much thicker and fattier (are you salivating yet?) and also cooked on an open barbeque in center of the table. Reminds me, I will have to do a whole post on how to Barbeque shindig works here. Amazingness.

And the center of it all, bap = rice. Woo. White rice, the bread and water of Korea here. BiBimbap is a bowl of vegetables, rice, red pepper paste, and varies from each restaurant, not my favorite, but I would eat it again.



This amazing display I guess could be a preview of how barbeque works. This is how it is first displayed when brought to the table. Although this type is unique, it is at a chicken restaurant and usually the open barbeque is pork or beef. Full of vegetables, dok (rice cake), gochujang (red pepper paste), the scissors in the top left corner is I guess you would call her our waitress, but by the time it is all said and done I think everyone that worked there had their hands near our food. They put up this big metal guard so it doesn’t splash up on us. Cut the nearly raw chicken up put it in there and let it get to work. Cooks and stirs as each person walks by pretty much. The finished product also had a little bit of cheese (a delicacy here) and some ramen (by request of Lauren). Amazing. A little bit spicy, little bit sweet. Just really good meal all in all. Actually having that Thursday night and already looking forward to it 🙂


This display is of some teas that Jen, Hannah, and I got at a traditional tea house in Insadong on Sunday. Wondering around ready for a break, we decided to take the back alleys to find a cute tea house. Sat outside at this nice table. I had the most delicious, the five taste tea, and jen has jujubee tea, Hannah has Plum Tea. Mine was a combination of sweet, sour, spicy, tart, and something else. It was really good. The thing on top is pine nuts. Yum!


This terrible picture quality, was me fighting with my stupid phone before I could inhale this thing. Monster Cupcakes, was my newest find in this place. Near Itaewon, at Noksapyeong Station, it is filled with food from around the world. After having some pad thai at this thai restaurant, (not pretty enough display for a picture), but DJ and I were watching these girls stroll by with a box from Monster Cupcakes. I recently watched some LA Ink and saw an episode where they went to a gourmet cupcake shop. I love sweets, not particularly chocolate, but damn I’ve never craved a cupcake before until I saw them on this show. So off we went. Selection was okay, nothing exciting. Thought I would kill two birds with one stone, satisfy my fall tastebud desires with some Apple Cinnamon, and it was super cute. The icing was good, and the apple was made out of pure sugar, but the cake could have been improved. I may go back, but probably not out of my way.


Didn’t eat this amazingness, just wanted to share some weird creation they have here at the grocery store. Not exactly sure the reason for why they are tied like this, or even what type of dish they are intended for. But picturesque none the less.


Kimchi Jjigae, by far my absolute hands down favorite Korean dish. This picture is to show you the bubbling soup accompanied by multiple sides (for free of course) and some white rice. Kimchi, sauces, anchovie broth, tofu, pork, bean sprouts and random vegetables depending where you go, are the main components of this concoction. This is truly the only real Korean thing I have attempted at home. Mine was okay, not comparable to ones I have had though. I have become a coniseour. In fact, I am trying out a new place tonight. I guess eating out has become more of a hobby these days.




Also at the Jjigae stop, was some Chamchi Kimbap. Or tuna Kimbap. This picture has just about everything I described above. Except, at the bottom on the left, there is a tan colored something. That is odong, or fish cake. Not my favorite, but always in these for the most part. I do not go out of my way to eat this. But when in Korea, substitutions do not exist, partially because I do not want to be rude, and other half because well, how would I even about making such a request…



Well to my three readers,that is all for today. I will make it a point to take more photos and post more randomness soon. I am trying to update more, but sorry, my life has become far too awesome and exciting for such mundane tasks, like a damn blog.

Winter time will bring much more coffee shop hibernation, so I am sure that also means more blogging.

Few trips in the near future:

This weekend: Pohang, beach down south on the East coast. Figured we would wait till the typhoons pass through to embark that direction.

Next weekend: Sep 29- Oct 3…. JAPAN! Country 18 for the list 🙂 Osaka and Kyoto, very very excited. First time leaving Korea in 7 months. Holy moly!

Oct 6-7: Andong Mask Festival, apparently a must see and do in Korea. Very excited to see this. Then the trip I signed up for will also go to Seocho Beach, another famous beach spot in Korea.

Oct 22-23. Seoraksan Mountain. The largest mountain in Korea, and you guessed it, yours truly will be climbing this beast. HA… I know. Laugh it up 🙂

That is about it as far as I can see, still contemplating some Christmas vacation… most likely the wind will blow me towards the Philippines 🙂 What could be better than soaking up some sun and scuba adventure during Christmas and New Years 🙂

I had a ‘pinch me’ realization the other day. I was unsure where to go for Christmas, trying to coordinate my trip with cheap flights, friends, location, etc. So I googled a map of Asia and thought, wow, I’m glad I can just look at a map type in a destination on the airline website and compare. Life is grand and wouldn’t have it any other day. 25 and living the dream, I hope you are too… well not the 25 part, but the happiness part. ❤ always. xoxo



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  1. Thank you so much for updating with pictures of food! It has made me so freakin hungry, though. I can’t wait to see pictures from all your trips, and I really do hope that you go to the Philippines. That was my Great Uncle’s favorite Asian place, I think. Does Korea have street vendors? When my sister was in Japan, that’s all she could talk about…. so when you go to Japan definitely do that and take lots of pictures so I can add to this bucket of drool that I already have from reading your blog.

    I miss you! Glad you’re eating well 🙂 And have fun on your vacations!!


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