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Mud festival x2

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Two weekends in a row I was blessed with mud. Yum!


Mud Festival is a popular event in Boreyeong, South Korea takes place every year for two weeks straight. Of course it started from something traditional, and not just a slop fest for a gathering of foreigners to get down and dirty. Koreans believe that the mud from this particular area is good for your skin, like most things in Korea, make a festival out of it! Korea also has certain places where certain food is popular. Like there is a bibimbap area in Korea, Jeju Island is known for black pig, etc.

So that brings us to your one and only mud festival. Lucky me got to go two weekends in a row, and was glad I did. It was amazing, I loved every second of being covered head to toe in mud. The girl in me thought, oh not my hair, and the 6 year old in me thought who cares! It was fun, it was muddy, and it was a drunken messy two weekends. First weekend has terrible rain on theSaturday night, but the second weekend had brilliant weather and sunbathed on the beach all day Sunday before getting on the bus home. It was convienent having pits of mud with paintbrushes, and the ocean just like 20 steps away. Get muddy, go for a swim wash off, drink a beer, repeat. Was my life for 4 days in July. It was lovely and I’ll be sure to go again next year if I am back. Oh the last picture, cannot forget to mention, Akon and the Wondergirls concert. Duh! Thankfully to some nice army folks I met, I didn’t have to pay, but got to see Akon roll around in this enormous bubble and then play with the most awful girl K-pop band there is. They can’t keep a beat or dance in sync to save their lives. Ohhhh K-Pop.

That’s that. Boreyeong Mud Festival, I will see you again.















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