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Festivals blew by

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… and so did our tents ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ( like haha in Englishee)


They’ve come and gone and are certainly missed.
Summer rain on the other hand, seems like it’ll never end.


I had quite the rage at a few festivals this summer. Incomparable to music scene at home I would attend, but when in Asia… and I was introduced to the DJ electronic scene whilst living in Australia and definitely was the place to do so.

World DJ festival was last weekend of May, during Korea’s holiday long weekend known as Buddha’s Birthday.
Traveled north to Yangpeong, camped out, got rained on (more like typhooned), sweat a lot, danced til the morning, and drank way too many soju cocktails.




Next up, we had… UMF. Ultra Music Festival. August 3 and 4th at Olympic Stadium in Seoul. After a 5 day ‘relaxing’ trip to Jeju Island came back, had a day of rest, and went to a two day sweaty hot dance party full of good music and good people. The festival began around 3pm each day, and we made the mistake (came to discover this later) of going at 3ish on the first day. It was sweltering. There was no article of clothing that could have possibly been worn and not completely sweat through. Lauren, Alan, and I carried on danced the day into the night and had a really good time. Although the music stopped at 11:50 pm, I don’t think I had one more ounce of energy left in me to carry on, or jive, whatever. It was hot. It was like 80% humidity and at least 100 degrees when we arrived, and once you start to sweat, it never seemed to end.

It was a convienent 15 minute cab ride home after that right into the shower and bed. But we made sure to be a bit more wise come day 2. We arrived about 6pm realizing also, that avoiding the heat and not-so-popular acts we were not as interested in. It was well worth it to hang around and drink a bit before going in, oh and smuggling in our own Soju stash. All well worth it… We partied to Tiesto, Carl Cox, and many more… good times had by all. Although it went a bit later than the first night, with many after parties at clubs in Gangnam and surrounding places, but unfortunately I was not up for that. I was dead after 2 days of dancing, my legs, feet, and soul needed to call it a night.

Back in the taxi went home straight to the shower. It really helped waiting till 6pm to go…. buttttt we still sweat just as much, even drank a few more soju cocktails than the day before, I think.



Next weekend, went to World Electronica Carnival up north in Gyeonggi-do province. Which is where we are located now, but just north on the subway line. Was a beautiful place to have an outdoor festival. And since we only went for Saturday, which was Day 2 of the event, felt like we had more energy to party on. Saw Benny Benassi who is one of my favorite DJ’s as well as Far East Movement, a Korean American group (most of them), who is really popular in America as well as Korea.Went with my friend Lauren and again had an awesome time, she is definitely a good festival partner in crime 🙂


Festival season has come to a hult unfortunately for me. I will try to attend Global Gathering Festival in October, depending on my budget and location… I will see where the wind takes me. That has always been a life motto of mine, that I seem to have been following a bit more closely lately.

I do miss the music scene at home, jam bands at bars, live music anywhere, there is definitely not much of that around town. At least not where I live, but Hongdae can always get my fix of bands playing in parks and such.

Signing off, much love to all <;3
















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