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Hiking Rafting Trekking Trip with Climbing in Korea

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The super long trek.Image

The view from the top of the hike. Image

The rafting. Can you find me..



We will begin our day’s adventure with a short, 2 hour hike up and down Jatbong Mountain, elevation 537 (1,762ft.). Looking below from the top, we will see the snake-like Dongang River, a 60km tributary of the Han River. From the bottom of Jatbong Mountain, we will trek along the Dongang River for about 1.5 hours. While the area is a popular spot for rafting, tourist facilities are minimal, making for a more authentic experience.

The river we will be trekking and also rafting sits between beautiful rock formations and lush green forests, an area known as the Eorayeon Valley.Eorayeon is sometimes referred to an Samsunam or Jeongjaam,which means, “the place where the mountain wizard comes down to play.” 



Stole that blurb from the website as I was trying to explain where we were exactly and what we saw. The information maybe a little misleading. We actually hiked/trekked for about 5-6 hours and rafting for about 1 1/2 hours. So was definitely a fun time and again recommend this type of rafting excursion to anyone in Korea. Great way to see the countryside and scenery.


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  1. Waoww… what a great adventure, i really want to have such those beautiful adventure


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