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Okay, so I have stuck with the brown rice at school lunches, but as far as avoiding kimbap. not possibly. def my favorite snack, but just eating it less and less. Only had one serving of white rice with some incredibly spicy soup at a rest stop on the way back from the rafting trip saturday. It was almost unavoidable… I know, no excuses.

Been in that Korea funk lately. I’m sure I’ll find something to get me out of it, perhaps ladies’ night Thursday or Boryeong Mud Festival this weekend with tons of other foreigners.
Maybe because it’s summer at home and every picture posted on every social networking site is either bbq’s, boats, or beachs of the sort. I will be at the beach this weekend for mud festival, not sure about the boat fulfillment, but I did go rafting this weekend. Enjoyed a nice hike/trek then went rafting for about an hour. Was a nice trip with Climbing in Korea.
Sunday spent the day at the Public pool near Sincheon station along the Han River, Hangang Park. Really got to feel like summer both days this weekend.
Sunday evening had free tickets, thanks to KTO and K-performance supporters for the R16 B-Boy Championship. Was quite the experience. I should go back and post pictures for the past few posts. I always do it at school with my ‘free time’ so I am too busy afterwards. One of these days, I promise.

Sent my first two packages home recently to some friends and family. Cannot wait to hear about their arrival! Ohhh Korea and it’s weirdness I attempted to share with everyone.
There will be two more on the way. Finally found some good couples shirts for the pats (my parents) and trying to think of more unique goods to send their way. Of course socks, candy, weird things of the sort.

Gym starts tonight as well as language exchange. On to bigger and better things with my spare time, starting to feel productive. Although, feeling like taking steps backwards in my productiveness at school/career life.

Love and miss you all.20120711-235453.jpg







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