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Day 3. I quit rice.

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I quit white rice. After coming to Korea, I have consumed more white rice in the past 4 months and 5 days than I ever have in my 25 years of living. And I do not particularly like or enjoy eating as much white rice as I have. It is definitely a staple of asian food, especially Korean. In order to enjoy one of my most favorite meals here, Kimchi JJigae, usually have some rice with every bite as it is a spicy soup w kimchi, tofu, and pork. But damn it is good.
Day 3. I usually wouldn’t dedicate an entire blog to my white rice quitting, but I feel like after numerous google searches, there is just not enough information about the idea…
I eat white rice at school every day for lunch. And atleast a few days a week with dinner. I have decided to stop, completely. I did cheat yesterday I will admit, having some kimbap (my favorite Korean snack, sushi roll looking thing but just vegetables and tuna salad inside). That was because we had the most horrid lunch at school to date, and they offered to go buy us kimbap. It was more a matter of survival at that point, I think… or I’ll just use that excuse for now.
I had this thought and mentioned it to my co-worker, who shared her amazing tip of soaking brown rice for a few hours before cooking it, and it becomes softer more like the texture of white rice. And like I said, I do not even particularly enjoy eating white rice, well not on a daily basis atleast. So I tried it, and it infact works, and is way more delicious.
So I have been bringing brown rice to school to substitute for the white rice I usually consume at lunch time.
That’s about all for now, nothing else. Just wanted to share my recent happenings of Korean adjustment haha.
I have also decided to join a gym with my Korean friend, so we will see how that goes. We are going to motivate each other and try to make this work.
Loves and Kisses


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