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After reading about the much heated debate all over the web after a somewhat controversial video was posted by a Korean Broadcasting Station MBC, this article was written by a younger Korean student. Very well written and articulated about both sides of the topic.

On a more personal note: I do not find Korean men my ‘type.’ I do not think that I would be interested in dating them, but hey, it’s been 4 months. I hear from fellow American/Western female friends to ‘give it time’ and ‘you say that now,’ but I think after much thought, I am still sticking to my gut. Korean men here seem well, femine, to the extreme. They carry purses, even when they are not with their girlfriends (but are always carrying their girlfriends purse/umbrella/shopping bags/dogs/etc. It is a bit digusting/cute. But I definitely prefer a manly man all in all.

Back to the real debate, it is very common to see a western male (white or black) with a korean female. Especially in places like Itaewon (where there is a military base i.e. tons of foreigners). It is much more uncommon to see a Korean male with a western female. This article will explain a bit of that. There are definitely stereotypes and rumors about the interracial couples and reasoning behind it all. I try not to let those thoughts overtake when I see such a thing…. but it is a bit disturbing when the western male is old enough to be the younger korean females father, as I saw the other day in Itaewon, and it is quite frequent.
Anywho, off to eat my free sandwich from work.

This week I am not exactly jiving with Korea. Messed up my schedule yesterday and had to tell my coworker ‘I’m really sorry, but I’m human and people make mistakes.’ Definitely caught her offguard, but gimme a break Monday morning, and my schedule is different every single day, 30 minutes in going every which way.
Today, I had my usual class with my 18 6 year olds, but today in particular they decided to make me crazy. If I smoked cigarettes I would have walked out and had about 10, but thankfully I kept my cool, didn’t cry and kept on with my day. I was tempted to go chug a beer though. Maybe on the bus ride home, okay kidding.

Happy 4th of July! Probably why I am anti-Korea this week… I’ll be spending my 4th working, singing and dancing Sesame Street Style here at Haba Play School followed by dinner on the Han River with my co-worker and friends. Don’t rain on my parade now!

Love and Miss you all. Once again. xo


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