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Ohhh Korea… Eyebrow/forehead waxing

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I think this is a phrase that I must say to myself atleast once a day.
Big ‘Oh Korea’ moment Friday calls for a post just about it.

Called my mom about a month ago.
“Mom, I really miss some things from home. I need my eyebrows waxed and some shoes for the summer.”
“I can’t help you with the eyebrows.”
“Can you ship me one of those sweet Vietnamese ladies that works in the nail salon”
“You’re in Asia”

Basically, I searched high and low. Heard about a few other places that would be good to go get waxed. The closest one being about an hour away, I continued my search. Went to a few nail salon and hair places near my school, until one day this lady told me that they do waxing. I should have known it was too good to be true. Literally, right around the corner from my school. Less than 5 steps out the door. How could this be possible?!
I went in on a Thursday hoping for the best, but she told me the wax wasn’t on and had to make an appointment to come back on Friday. I had no choice. After four months, I could not wait another day.

6:00 show up for my appointment. She does the top of one, like the slowest, waxiest job ever. I was covered in wax. She went to my hairline on the side. It was so scary, I thought I was going to lose my eye brow. (Probably googled it a few too many times and read that I should be careful because sometimes they can wax the whole thing off). Needless to say I was quite frightened.

Long story short. I left at 7:30 crying. I was still near school and had to meet friends for dinner at 8pm for a friend’s birthday and meeting new people.

She waxed my forehead. I freaked. That was the first freak out. I had to tell her that she had to used hot wax (she had unplugged it in the beginning making it stick all over). Then as ‘service’ (like something free, you get a free pair of socks when you buy expensive sneakers), I got my forehead waxed.

Luckily, there was a girl in there told me she was a journalist and knew some English. Enough to help me. After the forehead incident we went to talk to the girl and she asked my why I did not want my forehead waxed as it is nice to have a clear forehead above my eyebrows. I had no idea why. OHH KOREAAA

After the hour and half waxing job, she put alcohol on the under part of my right eyebrow. She didn’t use any tweezers, so she must have waxed this area like 10 times over and over to get each little hair. She proceeded to clean it at the end with alcohol. I sat up so fast (like in Don’t Wake Daddy!) and was tearing up. Like rubbing alcohol on an open wound. I must have lost like 5 layers of skin. It was tragic, to say the least.

Today is Monday, 4 days later, I am still raw on the right side and still red and sore on both sides. I have put neosporin on each night and morning. I paid $10 instead of the original $20 because she felt so bad.

Basically, I learned my lesson, I will be making the trip to foreigner Itaewon for the next time. Hopefully that won’t be for awhile. I was about to go get my hair cut by a Korean with some translations written by a co-worker, but I have decided to make the trip, spend the extra money to keep some of my locks.

I have concluded the lady has never picked up a waxing utnesil in her life. She didn’t even know which direction to pull it off. I had to keep reminding her each time, and had the mirror in my hand inspecting each move she made.

That is my Oh Korea moment for the week. I’m sure I’ll have more soon, as this seems to be a frequent occurance in my life living in a foreign country.

Note to self/others: Do not get your eyebrows waxed in any Korean salon that was not previously recommended by other foreigners.



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  1. I feel for you! Oh Korea!! There were so many of those moments!


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