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MISSION 1: Arranging our accomodation with BnBhero.

The trip began with booking our accomodation through a website,  The organization provided us with the place we would be staying, lucky us. It was quite simple once they had chosen the place for us to book the room and payment through PayPal, and we were reserved. Had a few messages back and forth with the guy in charge of the room (the son of the people we were staying with, because they did not speak English).

I won’t go into detail here, but needless to say, I will not be using bnbhero in the future. The smooth booking process was fine, the accomodation, not so much. I won’t go into detail here because this blog will determine whether or not we get reimbursed, but we felt very uncomfortable off the bat from the 2 hour journey to their house.  After leaving the expo and walking for nearly an hour, we managed to get a taxi and take a short 10 minute ride up the hill to their house.  About one hour later, we were on our pillows trying to sleep.  The hour inbetween why it took us an hour from when we got there, is the part I will leave out.  Needless to say, I highly recommend they be removed from the bnbhero website.

MISSION 5: A picture of the Bnb Homestay and person in charge.

Family Portrait #1


Family Portrait #2

We were unable to get a picture with our hosts of our homestay. When we arrived about 11:45pm to their home, the man was sitting in his underwear in front of the tv chain smoking away. We had nothing else on our minds, but sleep and quiet and it didn’t appear he was exactly ready to be photographed. We saw the mother for maybe 3 minutes in total. In the morning, they were gone, we woke up showered and left for another exciting day at Yeosu, so due to these circumstances we were unable to capture a photo with them.


Their living room where the man chain smoked for the 20 minutes we saw them


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