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This is Yeony and Suny.

The mascots for Yeosu Expo 2012. Cute lil characters they are and have seen them all around Seoul the past few months. Finally, thankfully to Korean Tourism Organization, we got the chance to go see what this Expo was all about. As a member of the K-performance supporters, we were selected through an application process to go to the Expo on behalf of the organization. Thank you for this opportunity. It was infact my first time leaving Seoul, so that was exciting  to start.


MISSION 2: Here is a photo of my partner in crime, Theresa with our leader from KTO.

Thank you Yunhalim for your time and kindness this weekend.

MISSION 3: Skip, We were unable to score a photo with the Sacoom Performers.

MISSION 4: Here are some photos of the concert venue and some of the leading acts.

Jay Park


K-Pop fans. Theresa and Élyane


4 Minute

Crazy crowd.

CEO of KTO. A German man always wearing a cowboy hat.

Jay Park, B2ST, 4 minute, to name a few. These are very popular k-pop bands here in Korea and we had the honor of having VIP seats to their show this weekend. It was a fun concert to be a part of the k-pop kraziness. Tons of teenboppers and fans of all ages going wild screaming with signs and smart phones all over.


MISSION 6: Tour story of Odong-do island in Yeosu.


Map of the island.

Odong-do island was a short walk from the Expo.  We took a small tram car type thing on the way there, but were rather pleased to hear we would be walking back from the island. There is a walkway between the mainland and the island, about a 10 minute walk.  Upon arriving at the island, our group was lead by a Korean speaking tour guide around.  I’m pretty sure there were only a few people in the group that were korean/understood Korean…..

We went through the wilderness of the bamboo stalks and trees lining the island. Beautiful scenery.  It was nice to be on an island, and see the sea, finally! Although would have much preferred to be in it, it was a bit of a tease.  After listening to the tour guide, and not understanding a word she said, we went to the lighthouse and went to the  top to get some aerial views of the island, Yeosu,  the Expo and surrounding parts. What a beautiful sight it was.


View from the lighthouse

Expo view from the island

Some guy a jetpack in his back. On our walk back from the island.

K-pop Krazie team and proud 🙂

Here are some photos to prove it. 

Well just one step closer to a beach I suppose. Just a few weeks till I can feel sand, water, and possibly swim.  I cannot wait for that.

At the actual expo, when we arrived, we had one of the worst meals I’ve ever eaten in Korea, and maybe the most expensive. It was at the food court, not knowing there was going to be meals from around the world in the International Pavilion, but we were so hungry, it was the first sight of food we saw.

Described as short rib and omnirice when we ordered.

Random pictures from the expo.

From the Theme Pavilion, a cute story/movie about Dudong and the extinct species.

Big-O light show

Light show was quite impressive



Koreans yodeling

We toured around to various countries, most of the ones without multiple hour lines. Made an animated fish in the UAE exhibit, and drank some delicious chai tea from India. Explored Cambodia and Vietnam, maybe a little too much, and just made me realize that the international part was making me want to burst out and travel some more for a long period of time. It was nice to see places I haven’t been too. A lot of time, money, and dedication were obviously put into all of these places. Missed the USA one, apparently it was just a movie with Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama, and was told it wasn’t very exciting. Figured it wasn’t worth the hours of waiting.  My friend and team mate, Theresa, whom I was with is from Canada, but they didn’t have their own spot. Guess they are too ‘cool/lazy’? Haha we enjoyed the jokes about this over the weekend.

All in all, it was a great experience to leave Seoul, travel with the K-performance supporters.  It is unfortunate that our accommodation didn’t work out so great as it seemed everyone had a great experience. I will not be going through BNBhero ever again or booking something without a review.  They will be sure to get a lovely review from me, not to worry. It wasn’t even the bad room, it was the creepiness from the son of the family, and felt very uncomfortable being two girls going into an unknown home nearly midnight on a Saturday.

Thank you Korean Tourism Organization and K-performance Supporters.

Yeosu Expo 2012 ❤


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