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Tomorrow we are blessed with the day off. I call it a blessing. As with every other holiday in this country, it is falling on a Wednesday making it impossible to take full advantage and like take a long weekend to get out of this city or something, but hey I’m not complaining. I think I will check out the Seoul Folk Flea Market, sounds pretty interestingg…. so we shall see. Only going to be like 90 so good thing it won’t be too hot to walk around in sweltering city heat…. pshhhh…

Anywho. Went for a really nice hike on Sunday. We went to a mountain (san) in Hanam, the cityish place next to Seoul. Quite a nice hike actually, got some nice pictures which I plan to post when I get home later.  Seems like the only time I actually get to update this blog is when I am at school.

Oh lovely school it has been, really excited for a day off tomorrow. Did I mention that yet?

Going to Rocky Mountain Tavern tonight for wing night. Only 3000won for 12 wings, or like $3 comparably. It’s quite nice and a canadian style pub so always playing hockey games of the sort and some tacky canadian jerseys in frames all over. Can’t complain though.

This weekend will be traveling to Yeuso Expo. We (Theresa and I) have received a free trip from the Korean Tourism Organization group K-performance supporters that we are in. We applied and won with like 30 other people. Should be nice to get away. Can’t wait to wake up at the ass crack of dawn on Saturday and take a 4 hour bus ride to go see the coast of Korea. Been planning another trip the end of this month to Busan so that should be nice, real beach, omg. I Cannot waitttt.

Signing off for now.

Much love,



P.S. BIGGG shoutout to the Pats on here. They have accepted my desperate call for ‘larger’ sized shoes since shoes in Korea only go up to size 8! It’s a bit ridiculous, but summer is here and one pair of flip flops and one pair of nicer sandals that are peling fake plastic bits more and more, I was feeling a bit desperate. Wasn’t about to pay the ridiculous shipping costs from Old Navy (don’t even like their shoes, but Target doesn’t have international shipping available), so Pat and Pat came into play. Luckily, I have the best parents ever and my mom has handed me down a severe shopping problem and abnormally large feet, so guess this is how she is sending her apologies in return 🙂



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