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World Beat Vinari

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Just a quick blurb to get some points.

I have signed up for this program through the Korean Tourism Organization. It is called K-Performance Supporters. Basically, TLDR, we are like 200 foreigners (and koreans I believe) that are chosen (I know sounds special, but I think you just had to apply) to be invited to these events. You get points by attending, then posting online about them (facebook, blog, etc).  At the end who ever has the most points get like a free domestic flight or something, a bit unsure of that part. But basically I get free tickets to some cool cultural events.

The other night, I went to this event called, World Beat Vinari. It turned out to be realllllyyy cool. I brought two friends, Diana and Élyane with me.

Here are some photos and hopefully I can sort out to post a video and show you what it was all about. I tried to watch a you tube video before going, but I just went unsure of what I was getting myself into. The show was cool, lots of Korean music and drum sets and such. Then afterwards the audience all went outside (in a train formation) and we danced around with the performers (6-8 of them).  The end was definitely the best part, and we got to take some pictures with the members. I also caught this little bag at the end of the show and scored a free CD! I swear I never used to get free things ever, but Korea is just doing good to me so far 🙂 (in most aspects)…


Proud tourists showing off our tickets 🙂

The show in action


Élyane and I with the main guy, he had the biggest smile the whole time, so he was my favorite.



Us again  🙂


I’ll leave you with some pretty flowers from the Ilsan Lake Park International Flower Show I went to earlier that day.

I will to post a video also.


Thank you for reading. and love to read comments 🙂

Love you all and miss you dearly. xoxo






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