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never thought I would be fulfilling my fesitval desires as much as I am going to be in Korea.

Thus far, I have attended a Cherry Blossom Festival, a bit of a let down with the lack of blossoms, but I had a good time either way. Nicest day so far, good company, and lots of interesting things to see and watch.

This Saturday I will be attending a FREE Spring Beer Festival.

Then World DJ Festival.

Then Mud Festival.

Then UMF Seoul. A worldwide music festival. Coming to Seoul, for the first time, with an amazing line-up!



How exciting. So many things to look forward to 🙂

Safe to say things are shaping up nicely. I will have to post again soon with pictures and such, I have just been scratching the surface at work with happy thoughts while I listen to screaming children tormenting each other 9+ hours a day.

First baseball game tonight of the season. Riding bikes there too, so should be a spring filled evening of fun.

Had a nice trip to Costco last night. Got some shoes, how exciting since I have huge feet and can’t find any running shoes below $100, so got some unisex New Balances, quite nice too.

The weather is getting nicer by the day and supposed to be raining all weekend. How wonderful.

Parents package is in the mail. I am ubber grateful of their dedication  to my desires here across the world. I miss their awesomeness, but this shout out will do for now.


Love always and miss you all!



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